Renewal of the Certification “Certified Management Consultant”

Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in S&P Intern

The title “Certified Management Consultant” has been conferred on Guest Professor Robert A. Sedlák East China Normal University (ECNU) Shanghai by the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (BDU) for another three years. Robert A. Sedlák has hence been holding this internationally approved title for 15 years. The title is awarded to full-time management consultants, […]

Considering the Organizational DNA within the Self-Renewal Process

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        The organizational ability of self-renewal plays an essential part in securing the competitiveness of a company. The foresighted self-renewal concept enables an organization to recognize and capture external signals at an early stage, so that required changes can be encouraged proactively.

Foresee Unpredictable Events

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        “Because every swan I have ever seen was white, all swans must be white!” If the contrary has not been proven true over time, this statement would sound quite reasonable. Until the 17th century, the Europeans had firmly believed that all swans were white. The discovery of the black swan in […]

Recognizing a Black Swan Event with the Foresighted Self-Renewal Concept

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      We understand organizations as social systems continuously seeking assignments, objectives and purposes for self-preservation and in this sense, are simultaneously means and purpose. Ergo, an organization is a product of itself, funneling all of its energy into accommodating its continuing existence and if necessary, altering its assignments and meaning to sustain its […]

Adjust To The Next Crisis

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Adjust To The Next Crisis

In January 2011 we risked the prediction that the growth in Germany for 2012 is likely to be only 1,3 %. If we are to trust the experts our estimation was not too pessimistic as the present growth forecasts for the year 2012 is somewhere between 1,2 and 0 % compared to the previous year. […]

Entire Food Sector Experiences a Loss of Image

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The study recently published by the Market Research Institute tns emnid, Bielefeld shows that the occurrences of dioxinmassively damaged the trust granted to the suppliers of the food industry, but to agriculture and food retailing as well.