Commodities only exist in the Minds of the Inept!*

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Commodities only exist in the Minds of the Inept!*

The increasing interchangeability of products and services poses a special challenge for managers. Oftentimes, price and quantity are the only relevant units in a business. The goal to distinguish one’s own company from competitors becomes increasingly difficult to reach. Although products can be a commodity – a business never is! An innovative method for customer segmentation offers new […]

Blended Consulting opens up new possibilities

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Blended Consulting opens up new possibilities

In times of limited resources consulting processes have to become more efficient. The skillful combination of web-based communication and data generation together with face-to-face meetings offer great possibilities to obtain more efficiency and acceptance for so-phisticated consulting projects.

Over 90 % of managers don’t know the threshold level of their strategically relevant customer segments!

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Over 90 % of managers don’t know the threshold level of their strategically relevant customer segments!

Our recent market research confirmed that responsible managers only have a vague idea about the threshold level of strategic relevant customer segments, even though it is the basis for a successful differentiation strategy.

Renewal of the Certification “Certified Management Consultant”

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The title “Certified Management Consultant” has been conferred on Guest Professor Robert A. Sedlák East China Normal University (ECNU) Shanghai by the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (BDU) for another three years. Robert A. Sedlák has hence been holding this internationally approved title for 15 years. The title is awarded to full-time management consultants, […]

25 Years of SEDLÁK & PARTNER – 25 Years of Competence

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        SEDLÁK & PARTNER is proudly looking back on 25 years of existence: In 1987, Robert A. Sedlák founded a consulting company located in Ahrensburg, which is operating internationally in the fields of human resources and corporate development and sets priorities on strategy and organizational development. During the first ten fiscal years, […]

Our Understanding of Organization Based on the Newer System Theory

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        Our understanding of organization and the systemetic organizational consultancy connected to it, is based on the findings of the renowned social scientist and co-founder of the newer system theory, Mr. Niklas Luhmann. We grasp organizations as one very specific type of social system that has been brought forth during the past […]

Welcome to the Team, Mrs. Jeanne Wang!

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We are very happy to announce that we’ve once again expanded our team! As of November 1st 2012, Mrs. Jeanne Wang has joined us and assists our company’s department for consultancy and qualification. As a consulting assistant, Mrs. Wang’s responsibilities include assisting our consultants during the preparations and post-processing of their customer appointments, simultaneous on-site […]

Clear Competitive Edges Through Innovative Customer Segmentation and Unique Value Propositions

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            The increasingly strong exchangeability of products and services present management with special challenges. Often amounts and prices are the sole relevant variables in business. Achieving the objective of clearly standing out from competitors has become increasingly difficult. Even though products are exchangeable; a business is not! Developing and offering […]

Municipal Utilities at the Intersection of Ecological, Economical and Social Requirements

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            Energy turnaround, civic participation, transparency, profitability, viability – during decision-making processes, key players in municipal utilities must meet up with numerous requirements. Making those managerial decisions are closely tied to ecological, economical and social aspects that in turn, are also characterized by divergent interests. To reach balanced decisions, the […]

Strongly Positioned with an Innovative Customer Segmentation

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            “Ifo-Index Disappoints Euro-Investors” was a recent headline published by the Handelsblatt (24.09.2012). According to the information, in September, the ifo-business climax index fell from 102.3 to 101.4 points. As expected, negative export forecasts are anticipated for the first time in the past three years. The disposition within the German […]