Competence Management as a Strategic Tool

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Due to the social and economic conditions’ rapid dynamics of change, management faces the challenge of adapting the organization’s vision accordingly. In this context, organizational and personal competences play a central role: An organization must be capable of monitoring external development as well as seizing existing impulses, to then evaluate them in-house and use them as triggers for necessary changes within the organization. Only with such a competence is an organization capable of adapting its vision to the changing general conditions.

In turn, the vision and its associated specific organizational requirements call for the employees to be equipped with certain personal competences in order to achieve the goals. This also means that personal competence requirements can also change during the vision’s adaption. Therefore, to ensure the company’s success, it is important to establish a competence management system that is aligned with the business’ objectives and shifts the continuous competence development into its focus.

Competence leads to Performance

The better an employee’s competence profile matches the requirements of an organization and of a specific position, the higher the chances of successful employee performance are. In order to improve the match and thus, make personnel development successful, the required competences of a certain position should be described with success-critical behavior indicators on the levels of “knowledge”, “attitude” and “skill”. These indicators must be operationalized in an observable and measurable manner. The identified behavior indicators of the trained competences will be presented as a simulation that is practice and context-related. The simulation will then be integrated into the innovative training tool PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR. Thus, the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR helps to identify, work on and measure the strategy-relevant competences in a new and attractive manner.

Development and Measurement of Personal Competences

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR is a computer-and media-based training tool for targeted competence assessment and development. Trainees at different locations can access the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR with a mobile device, free from the restrictions of time and location. Moreover, smartphones or tablet computers can also be used as a learning platform, by which spare and travel times can be utilized more meaningfully.

This training tool is turning mobile learning into reality!

From a Simulation to Practice

The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR ties into the findings of neuroscience, according to which individuals experience observed actions as a type of inner simulation. As a result, the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR creates a real learning environment by simulating success-critical situations. The learners evaluate the simulated situations. A virtual coach provides immediate feedback, helps the learners understand the simulations and how to learn from them, and subsequently implement what they have learned into practice. The desired attitudes and performance-related behaviors are achieved during the learning process, which in turn, contributes to the business’ success.

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