Reflection initiated by the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® among the young teachers in Songjiang District

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This is pilot project between SEDLÁK & PARTNER and the Songjiang Teacher’s Training College aims to introduce our e-learning platform and implement and evaluate the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® Directing in Teaching.

The team at SEDLÁK & PARTNER has, in recent months, designed and developed an online platform based on a Learning Management System (LMS), which can meet the specific technical requirements of Chinese teachers. Learning management systems and bulletin board systems (BBS) have been in use for many years. They have been implemented more widely in the education sector in China than the European countries, for example, Germany.
The kick-off workshop successfully took place on 15th Jan. 2014. The participants included 40 young teachers who are high-performers from kindergardens, primary schools, middle schools and high schools. We have received very positive feedback from the participants, who have found the workshop very interesting, active and engaging. Through the role play, an intensive discussion among the participants has been initiated and the content of the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® has been entrusted with Chinese cultural connotation. Soon after the workshop, some of the teachers have written feedback to the workshop and expressed their wish to deepen the discussion on the content with us.

VIDEO Role play example

In the video, the pupil has made a mistake in the task and the teacher was very angry and asked the pupil to repeat the same task twice. The mother came to pick up the pupil and asked for the reason why she was still doing the coursework. The pupil told her mum that she made a mistake and the teacher asked her to repeat the coursework twice. The mother was angry and said to the teacher: “My child is only in the first grade, why does she have to do so much coursework?! What you did is a punishment for the kid and I will file a complaint against you.“

One participant has written an article about the current teaching practice in Chinese schools, based on the content of the workshop.
“Being student-orientated” is the fundamental education concept in the contemporary school education. This concept is well known to the teaching professionals. However, it is not easy to be student-orientated at the right time in teaching practices both in China and European countries. Particularly, teachers can usually not fulfill the requirements for being student-orientated adequately and even ignore students’ needs and requests in order to keep up with the teaching plans. Such a practice has diverged from the essence of “student-orientation”.
The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® Directing in Teaching has shown us that school teachers in Germany have also encountered the same problem of how to meet students’ needs effectively, which is also a common phenomenon in the Chinese classroom.”

Introduction of Songjiang Teachers’ Training College

The innovative project between SEDLÁK & PARTNER and Songjiang Teacher’s Training College began in October 2013, with the purpose to develop innovative teaching training programmes. Songjiang Teacher’s Training College was established in March 1960. In the past 40 years, with the social changes and transformation, the college has been continuously engaged in improving teaching methods, exploring innovative training programmes and achieving teaching excellency.
Songjiang Teacher’s Training College aims to enhance the competences of 8.000 teachers in the Songjiang District, with a special focus on successfully equipping the teachers with the required knowledge, necessary skills together with the underlying attitude to handle the challenges of the internationalization process.