Adjust To The Next Crisis

Published by on 17. Jan 2012 in category Prognosen
Adjust To The Next Crisis

In January 2011 we risked the prediction that the growth in Germany for 2012 is likely to be only 1,3 %. If we are to trust the experts our estimation was not too pessimistic as the present growth forecasts for the year 2012 is somewhere between 1,2 and 0 % compared to the previous year.

The German economy participated particularly in the Chinese reflationary program; the exports to the Middle Kingdom were increased by 25% in the first half of the year. Nearly 6 % of Germany’s exports go to China.Im Januar 2011 wagten wir die Prognose, dass das Wachstum in Deutschland für 2012 nur noch zu 1,3 % ausfallen würde. Wenn wir den Experten Glauben schenken dürfen, war unsere Einschätzung nicht zu pessimistisch, da sich die aktuellen Wachstumsprognosen für das Jahr 2012 zwischen 1,2 und 0 % im Vergleich zum Vorjahr bewegen.

Anyone who actively does business in China clearly experiences at the moment that the Chinese government is slowing down the growth in a controlled manner according to  their Five Year Plan. This will also have implications for the German economy.

The current Euro crisis is being considered by the majority as being the greatest risk at the moment. We have to assume that volatility and unpredictability will rather increase and not decrease.

How can companies adjust to that? Ongoing projects show that the self-renewal ability of organizations is a critical sucess factor in keeping up with fast and massive changes.

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