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Our understanding of strategy

Our understanding of strategy turns away from traditional core beliefs of schedule-determined corporate management, as we follow the idea of a continual self-renewal process. In this sense, we strive to continually confront the company with vital irritations (learning impulses) and specifically exploit these for the company’s future strategic direction. Especially when describing the starting point: it must be ensured that the key players involved in the strategy process not only describe the world in well-rehearsed paradigms, but that they are also given the opportunity of sensing any existing blind spots and in turn, systematically illuminating them.


Strategy Development

Systemic Strategy Development, Source: Own illustration based on Nagel & Wimmer, 2006, p. 75.

In this case, expertise as a “data contribution” is fed into the strategy process. The evaluation of this data takes place as important discussion process within the strategy team. The focus lies on dealing with the question, which data, hypotheses, conclusions and assumptions will be taken over, respectively modified by, the strategy team’s external experts and further incorporated into the process.

This ensures that external perspectives are critically examined and challenged, and that the essence is truly incorporated into the organizational decision-making process. In this case, it concerns the promotion of specifically irritating the company to break through their self-referentiality.

Not only the factual level counts

SEDLÁK & Partner’s concept takes several points into consideration: starting with the high dynamics found in social systems, the existing self-referentiality of organizations and their resistance connected to any changes.

Furthermore the naturalness that players within organizations do not only follow the organizational objectives, but also bring a high degree of self-distinguishment and exertion of influence to the strategy process to achieve their personal goals. This type of strategy work within the management team and amongst those key players involved also represents a particular form of team-development that actually takes place without this objective even being on the agenda. The organization’s and involved key player’s capability of problem-solving increase as a whole, allowing them to adequately deal with further increasing challenges in the future.

Three Phases in the Strategy Process

Strategy process with SEDLÁK & PARTNER

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