Personnel development success becomes verifiable

The transparency of own personnel development work  created through a Personnel Development Audit ensures legitimation within the company, significantly supports the transformation from personnel development to performance improvement and uncovers improvement opportunities existing within one’s own area of responsibility. Based on internationally recognized standards, the performance of personnel development work becomes measurable, and thus, comparable.

This makes personnel development performance transparent, based on a uniform understanding in reference to qualitative and quantitative standards. The Personnel Development Audit can be used as an internal benchmark when personnel development work takes place at different locations, in different divisions or business areas. In addition, any need for action for optimization will be mutually specified with those responsible for personnel development.

Personnel development becomes strategic

In general, it can be ascertained that periodic Personnel Development Audits make personnel development work more oriented towards the company’s objectives and strategy. These effects become measurable by deploying available resources in a targeted manner. The transparency created renders the important success factor of training its right to exist; even in economically difficult times; and targeted priorities can be set.