Beratung von Schulen

As an international management consulting company and with its branch office in Shanghai SEDLÁK & PARTNER faces a new exciting challenge in the area of consulting for schools and educational institutions.

Since April 2012 S&P has a cooperation with the Shanghai Pudong Institute of Education Development (PIED) for an innovative project with the aim to jointly develop a platform for the international exchange in the education sector. PIED, founded in October 2004, is the first regional research and training institute for teachers in China. The institute is strongly committed to the further training of teachers in order to improve the quality of teaching and to promote new technology-based teaching methods and the implementation of international exchange projects.

The objective of PIED is to strengthen the competences of 35,000 teachers in the schools within the district of Pudong (Shanghai). This involves in particular the successful provision and development of knowledge, attitudes and skills of teachers that are necessary for the challenge of the internationalization process.

Our cooperation project with PIED is structured into three phases. In the first phase a survey is conducted, which reflects the opinions and estimations of teachers and the management regarding the international education platform. In the subsequent analysis, the focus is put on the identification of needs and the concretization of specific requirements for respective competence trainings. The second phase includes a pilot project in selected schools of Pudong in which the competences of teachers are trained with the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR®. The PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® is computer- and media-based training tool. It offers a learning environment in which the methods of experience-oriented learning can be applied in a situational learning context in order to develop both core and specific competences. The third phase intends to launch the PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® in all schools in the district of Pudong.

We would like to emphasize the positive feedback from the teachers of the Pudong Institute of Education Development. More than 70 % of the 250 teachers and managers took part in the online survey, 80 persons agreed to participate in face-to-face interviews and workshops. Following a final evaluation and in close cooperation with PIED a PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® will be developed in the schools that are part of the pilot project.

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