Recognizing a Black Swan Event with the Foresighted Self-Renewal Concept

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We understand organizations as social systems continuously seeking assignments, objectives and purposes for self-preservation and in this sense, are simultaneously means and purpose. Ergo, an organization is a product of itself, funneling all of its energy into accommodating its continuing existence and if necessary, altering its assignments and meaning to sustain its existence. As social systems, organizations render solutions for problems outside of their structure and organizations derive their reason for existence from them. This circumstance forces organizations to perform a characteristic balancing act between incidents taking place outside of and within those organizations. To deal with these internal and external differences, organizations usually develop fixed boundaries.


Organizations are challenged by keeping up with imminent changes within their relevant environments. Early signals for necessary changes are either often simply not recognized or misinterpreted. This could lead to the fact that organizations make decisions that serve as a foundation for internal adjustments, necessary to sustain their competitiveness, too late. In this event, it could lead to an organization shifting into situations of distress, forcing management to undertake radical restructuring to prevent endangering the organization’s existence. Often, one emergency operation after another takes place, as a change in the organization’s core has not yet taken place. This is where the foresighted self-renewal concept comes in. Foresighted self-renewal prevents energy-sapping emergency operations by empowering an organization to pick up the weak signals and impulses coming from their relevant environments. This empowerment makes signals and impulses estimable and thus, capable of initiating the required changes in an early stage.


The core of self-renewal is the organization’s need for new routines to change their existing routines. The foresighted self-renewal concept targets existing organizational learning mechanisms and establishes patterns of observation and evaluation through targeted interventions for improvement and further development. Improvement opportunities become transparent and create the prerequisite to initiate a personal and organizational learning process. Significant structuring dimensions within this context include three central mechanisms of a self-developing social system: Variation – Selection – Re-stabilization. Foresighted self-renewal provides external impulses to organizations at an early stage, empowering them in a manner that enables proactive adjustment as they establish a change in changes. By feeding the impulses into the strategy process, the organization is capable of structurally coupling onto external events, of preparing itself for something new at an early stage and thus, securing a significant cutting edge.


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