PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR®: Development of Pedagogical Leadership Skills

Published by on 5. Feb 2013 in category Konzepte

Entwicklung pädagogischer Führungskompetenzen





SEDLÁK & PARTNER has produced a PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® to develop pedagogical leadership skills of teaching staff. This project was initiated by the Helga Breuninger Foundation and the “starting schools” in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The project partners, Dr. Helga Breuninger and Prof. Wilfried Schley, developed and implemented the content of PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® DIRECTING, and SEDLÁK & PARTNER was responsible for the production. The next step of the project is implementation.

The new learning concept of the comprehensive schools demands the teaching staff to change their professional awareness and to adopt new attitudes and the correspondent competencies. PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® has offered an opportunity to make the new attitudes and competencies visible and trainable. The necessary transformation of the professional awareness, however, demands a professionally supported implementation process in close cooperation with those responsible. The success of PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® will strongly depend on such a process.

PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR is an innovative computer- and media-supported training tool, which enables large groups of employees to participate in a collective learning process, independently from time and location. Competencies are seen as a balanced mixture of knowledge (what you know), attitude (what you want and what you are willing to do) and skills (what you can do), which enable an individual to achieve performance. The competency model of PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® DIRECTING is based on the domain model by Prof. Wilfried Schley, the interacting system of learning by Dr. Helga Breuninger and the competency model by Prof. Herbert Kellner. The conceptualization involved experts, principals, teachers and representatives of the teachers’ training in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

In PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® real-life situations are authentically simulated with video frequencies, which have to be evaluated by trainees. Because of the immediate feedback by the virtual coach, the trainee can transfer the gained experience into new knowledge and, hence, develop his competencies. According to neuroscientific findings, the term “simulation” has shown that the human brain functions like a flight simulator (cf. Joachim Bauer, 2006, Warum ich fühle, was Du fühlst, p. 26). Those who observe the actions of another person, experience an internal simulation program. Based on this core concept, PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® can be used as a training program by applying reasonable and relevant scenes.
In commerce, PERFOMANCE SIMULATOR® has already been proven as a successful training tool for a targeted competency development for demanding and complex situations. A practice check will now show how PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® LEADERSHIP can be implemented in order to sustainably support the professionalization of teaching staff as well as the development of their pedagogical leadership competencies.

Further information on how a PERFORMANCE SIMULATOR® works can be found here. Should you have any questions, our competent consultant team is at your disposal.