Municipal Utilities: Balancing the paradox successfully

Published by on 7. Nov 2010 in category Konzepte

Decision-makers and key players of a public utility company experience on a daily basis the paradox between the economic reality and the almost never-ending requests and ideas of communal and political stakeholders.

We were able observe and gather interesting findings in our ongoing projects in this area over the last months. In doing so we have been intensively dealing with the following questions: What are the reasons for this paradox? In the long run, how could the economic, ecological and social aspects be balanced when making decisions? And how could the area of tension between the external stakeholder demands be managed skilfully?

We have consolidated our answers to these questions in our practice tool called “Public utility companies, a special type of organization and the related opportunities and risks”. An essential finding was that public utility companies need to be compatible in terms of communication codes from various social subsystems.

Furthermore they also need to consider these different logics when it comes to decision-making processes.  This tense relation causes a high level of stress potential in organizations, which needs to be overcome by its managers and employees.

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