The great misunderstanding with Operational Excellence

Published by on 24. Oct 2010 in category Konzepte
The great misunderstanding with Operational Excellence

Latest research has shown that a consistent alignment to one business strategy has a high probability of success. In many projects we had to observe though that many companies unconsciously followed mixed strategies and hence give away competitive advantage.

The consistent determination and alignment to one business strategy is elementary and provides essential decision premises for operational business – for instance for the design of core processes production and logistics, customer management and innovation, HR and IT management.

Furthermore with these determinations the demands towards the organization are being highly influenced. If the strategy is not definite it leads to substantial friction losses, as contradictions need to be overcome on a regular basis, which bundles an enormous amount of energy. In this case the competitiveness is weakened.

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“The great misunderstanding with Operational Excellence – 3 fundamental business strategies for the development and protection of market leadership”

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